Godiva strikes again

16th March, 2007

Film-maker Heath Jones’ first film, Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle, had an unusual inspiration.

The chance purchase of a box of Godiva Belgian chocolates in a Detroit airport gave the film’s US based screenwriter and producer the idea for a film based on the famous lady’s naked ride through the city of Coventry in the 11th century.

Ghosts in the machine

22nd September, 2006

Nick Broomfield is leading the way for a new generation of film-makers turning to high-definition shooting.

Over the years, Nick Broomfield has perfected his own, individual filmmaking technique. His documentary portraits – from rock singer Courtney Love to white supremacist South African Eugène Terre’Blanche – have been intimate portraits shot with a skeleton crew.

Playtime for Sony

15th September, 2006

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the E3 games expo to a company like Sony.

As the electronics industry’s biggest annual showcase it’s where the next generation of cutting-edge gaming technology is unveiled to an eager audience of 60,000 industry professionals.

Rocket Man lands in Vegas

24th August, 2006

High-definition was the only choice for shooting Elton John’s musical spectacular The Red Piano.

Celine Dion’s legendary music extravaganza at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas now has a rival in the shape of Elton John’s The Red Piano – a similarly super-charged visual spectacular guaranteed to send Elton fans into raptures.

Tricks of the trade

24th November, 2005

How On Sight conjured up a few moves of its own when it put together Ocelot Productions' compendium of trendy tricks - The Book of Cool.

Ocelot Productions producer/director Fred Rees had been planning this project since early in 2004. ”The book of cool was a concept that grew out of an idea to make a football skills video, but I wanted to spread the net much wider than football by tracking down some of the coolest tricks on the planet and get some of the best in the world to give us a masterclass,” says Rees.