Knuckledust - Featuristic Films in association with OnSight

27th March, 2020

“It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to go into the post production battle with Onsight by my side. From the very beginning Tony Maher was so supportive and subsequently his entire team went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and most importantly everything the film needed. Always kind, always courteous, always a smile on the faces of everyone I had the good opportunity to work with. No job too big, never a job too small. There is not a post skill that this team does not possess. What a total privilege it has been to finish Knuckledust off in style with the legends that are Onsight. I can’t wait for an audience to see our finished collaboration” James Kermack, Director

This gritty action caper is written & directed by James Kermack with producers Julien Loeffler & ​Fabrice Smadja at Featuristic Films and is​ co-produced by Laurent Fumeron, Daniel Goroshko and Rodolphe Sanzé from The Project and Cinematography by Pat Aldinger.

The film is being made in association with OneWorld Entertainment, Trigger Films and Head Gear Films.

When a special police task force kicks open the doors of the elite underground fight den - Club Knuckledust, they are faced with seven levels of hell. Each floor filled with the dead bodies of fighters, assassins and goons from across the globe! Amidst the carnage they find just one beaten and bloodied man still breathing - Hard Eight. With a shady Government official en route to take him away, Chief Inspector Katherine Keaton and her team have ninety minutes to interrogate and find out if Hard Eight is the lone survivor or a multiple murderer. With lies flying from everyone's mouths and corruption becoming apparent, Keaton starts to wonder "Who is the real criminal?”.

Director James Kermack was adamant he wanted "a merging of the old and new, a visual that has the classic American 70’s/80’s cult film vibe, smashed up with a high end, bold and striking modern style. As soon as I saw Pats cinematography, I knew that together we could create the brutal beauty the world of Knuckledust needed" - James Kermack, Director

Working with OnSight - COVID 19

25th March, 2020

Working with OnSight Post during the Covid-19 outbreak

In these challenging times, and since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our staff & clients around the world has been our top priority.

As many of you are working from home, we wanted to let you know that we at OnSight will look to provide appropriate post-production solutions to all our clients.

It is now vital that the industry stays digitally connected and works together, so we can come out stronger on the other side of this international crisis. We are switched on and getting on with business whilst nearly all of our operations and post producers are working from home. 

Calls and enquiries can be made, help and information can be provided via the usual contacts If you have any questions about current or upcoming projects and methods of working, please let us know. All our current projects and bookings have a scheduling solution We are actively monitoring advice from Public Health England, and will be adjusting our workflow to follow guidelines for best practice of Health & Safety.

Wishing all our customers the best in these unusual times and we’re here to help you in any way we can.

The Uncertain Kingdom - Short Films

05th March, 2020

“The Uncertain Kingdom is a collection of twenty short films, from twenty visionary filmmakers, offering a unique portrait of our nation today.”

The Uncertain Kingdom project is a series of twenty short films portraying life in modern day Britain. Produced and founded by producer/director John Jencks, this innovative new project expands on the personal outlook of the UK’s brightest creatives, representing themes such as: climate change, migration, disability, and homelessness. All of us here at OnSight are proud to have provided post-production on two shorts in this exciting project showcasing raw British talent.

With prominent creators such as Ray Panthaki and Hope Dickson Leach as well as new rising artists, participating and providing their brilliance, this project showcases many different viewpoints and backgrounds which can resonate with the audience, creating a shared experience among many.

How To Stay Out Of Jail - Channel 4 premier last night.

19th February, 2020

Brought to you by BAFTA and Emmy Award winning production company Spring Films. This captivating new documentary follows an elite police team in County Durham as they attempt to keep offenders out of prison. For many criminals prison is a revolving door, they leave only to re-offend.

We follow lead detective Joanne McGregor Taylor and her team who take an entirely different approach to crime reduction.

Encouraging these criminals to complete a tough 16 week scheme where they have to face their demons, attend mandatory mental health and drug addiction support groups and apologise to their victims. We follow those charged with everything from drugs to child neglect, domestic abuse to fraud and assault are offered a one time alternative to court and jail.

Produced by award winning executive producer Kathy Myers and directed by respected director/producer Jemma Gander. OnSight is proud to have worked with these esteemed creators to post-produce this thought-provoking piece.

With unprecedented access to both the law enforcement team and the offenders, we get to observe closely as they fight to turn their lives around, paying close attention to external factors such as mental health, addiction, and personal struggles. 

Pink Floyd: The Later Years 

21st January, 2020

Thanks to OnSight for the tireless input into Pink Floyd’s The Later Years  contributing to its enormous success.   The constant changes and pressures were dealt with without fuss and the  advice was exemplary. 11/10. - Paul Loasby CEO, OneFifteen. 

With a substantial amount of upgrading, restoration and re-editing, as well as audio remixing, content spanning the years 1986-2019 in this box set was contained on 5 CDs, 6 Blu-rays and 5 DVDs, as well as 2 bonus 7” singles. The set includes remixed studio albums, restored and re-edited live concert films, documentaries, promo clips and tour screen films. 

The body of work includes unreleased songs, unseen films, unreleased concert footage and remixed albums such as ​A Momentary Lapse of Reason, which restored the creative balance between the three Pink Floyd members..