Iceland Is Best - No Reservations Entertainment

14th May, 2020

‘With as challenging a production as Iceland Is Best, we had such a professional, friendly and helpful team at Onsight behind us. All the way, made a huge difference. Their support from day one was absolute and with the quality of facilities and the talented staff they have, Post Production was a joy. An enormously impressive and enjoyable group of people to work with.’ -  Will Randall-Coath - Producer 

Iceland Is Best centers around Sigga, who at 17, tells her parents she is leaving her beautiful Icelandic fishing village to become a poet in California. Her grandpa has just given her enough money to buy a plane ticket.

Is it going to be simple? What can possibly go wrong? Her three childhood friends, Kati, Benni and Gunni, don’t want her to go. They offer to drive Sigga to the airport but pick up Nikki, a handsome stranger on the way, who also wants her to stay.

Produced by William Randall-Coath, with Dankuro Asanuma as Cinematographer who shot this visually stunning film in 35mm. Iceland Is Best shows how hard it can be to leave, but also why we have to. With the courage we need to make our dreams come true.

Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness

11th May, 2020

Imagine a place in America that is vast, wild and untouched, where some of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles unfold. Native people call it ‘the sacred place where life begins’. 

An upcoming giant screen documentary, produced by Wolfgang Knöpfler, written and directed by IMAX producer Myles Connolly and the award-winning nature photographer and cinematographer Florian Schulz.

OnSight are excited to announce that we are working with Producer, Wolfgang Knöpfler (Sea of Shadows, Ivory Game) at Terra Mater Factual Studios and are proud to be part of this extraordinary journey through the Arctic. OnSight will be providing giant screen post production on this amazing project, using our unique OPR (OnSight Picture Remastering) service. Covering full 6K picture post, 2D to 3D conversion, visual effects, shot extensions, bespoke giant screen deliverables and colour grading for both xenon and laser projection.

Join Florian’s five year journey as he tracks one of the longest animal migrations on earth, and witnesses pregnant female polar bears denning along the coastal plain. ‘There is no better venue to bring the wonders of the Arctic to life than on the giant screen,’ - Florian Schulz.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in the northeastern corner of Alaska, is one of the wildest places left on the planet - a symbol of wilderness that few have ever seen. 

”Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” will feature the first on-screen experience of this untouched land allowing people to see a world that has evolved intact and wild since the beginning of time.


25th April, 2020

'Thoughout the C19 experience working with OnSight has been fantastic and they have been incredibly flexible. They're also a lovely company and couldn't do enough for us - a real pleasure to deal with.’ - Gillian Mosely, Medialab UK

Tinderbox is a controversial, revealing and timely new feature documentary exploring both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At its core, it follows BAFTA/multi-award-winning filmmaker Gillian Mosely’s personal journey.

Exposing surprising, uncomfortable and shocking truths, this is an important film that will provide a valuable context and help people make up their own minds – or even change them.

Tinderbox shows a wide variety of contemporary voices, ranging from a Settler to a political member of Hamas. Today, while this conflict still rages, an American Middle East Peace Plan is in the works and anti-Semitism and Islamophobia remain as globally controversial and prevalent as ever.

The Re-up - Running Films

21st April, 2020

‘Working alongside OnSight for the Post production has been a blessing, from the production development team of Sarah Banks, Callina Pearson and Tony Maher to the talented technical team of Ellory Payne (Grade) and Andy Coles (Sound). I look forward to creating many more productions  with OnSight as the experience has been first class!’ - Sheridan de Myers 

Produced and Directed by Sheridan de Myers, Written by Carl Samuel and starring Deno Driz. The story follows the lives of Brandon and Vince as they move from a routine existence of college life, making music, and linking with friends to one that becomes embroiled in a complex web of situations.

They must face up to the consequences of becoming involved in a manslaughter, being hunted down by rival gang members and then ultimately becoming the target of a major drug kingpin.

Further instalments are to be released throughout 2020 exclusively online with GRM Daily, both Sheridan de Myers and Deno Driz have crafted a compelling story which keeps the viewer hanging on for the next chapter.

Antarctica - OnSight takes a deep dive into the unknown with BBC Earth

31st March, 2020

OnSight takes a deep dive into the unknown with BBC Earth, providing specialist post production on another stunning giant screen and IMAX motion picture in 6K Dome and 2D and 3D digital formats

Antarctica is a land of mystery and yet what happens here affects every single one of us. 

With never-before seen footage, our story brings audiences to the farthest reaches of this wild and majestic continent. 

It is the coldest driest and windiest place on Earth with the roughest oceans and yet, weird and wonderful creatures thrive here in astounding abundance. 

Lead by OnSight’s Senior Colourist Andy Lee, OnSight’s creative team are excited to be working alongside BBC studios Natural History Unit to provide full post for this visually stunning feature, using our unique OPR (OnSight Picture Remastering) service. Covering full 6K picture post, 2D to 3D conversion, visual effects, shot extensions, bespoke giant screen deliverables and colour grading for both xenon and laser projection.